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Do you want to protect your personal space and possessions that too without compromising your privacy? This has become true. The Ex-NSA Whistle-blower, Edword Snowden in collaboration with the Guardian Project and Freedom of the Press has come up with an App which has been named as “Haven- keep Watch.” According to its developer, this app has the best encrypted code. This app turns your android device into a motion, sound, vibration and light detector device when unexpected guests and unwanted intruders will touch your phone. The Haven App has been released as an open-source project along a public beta release.


haven app

Haven App: Details

App Name Haven App
Operating System Android
Minimum Requirements Android 4.1 and Up
Latest Version V0.1.0-beta-11
Last Update 20th January 2018
License Free
Developed By The Guardian Project

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Haven App: Features

  1. Haven Log: Through this feature of the app you can have access to all past detection events, to review, share or swipe sway and permanently delete. You can quickly view all photos, listen to audio clips and other sensor log data.
  2. Haven Share: This feature of the Haven App let you easily detect item or the entire set within a detection event to any app, including signal, WhatsApp, Gmail, Google Drive or any other file sharing service.
  3. Haven Alert: Due to this feature of the app, it will send you a secure signal message when there would be any motion, sound or other sensor change. You can remotely access all your data through a Tor Onion site running right on your phone.
  4. Haven Detect: Whenever the screen of your device will activate, you can set the countdown delay start timer, so, you will have enough time to leave the space being monitored. You can also adjust the mic and camera settings directly from here. The background will show the current motion camera preview image.
  5. Haven Sensor: This feature the Have App activates sound and camera sensors to listen and look for changes in the environment. You can easily set the sound threshold for your current environment whether noisy or quiet. You can use your front or back camera as a motion sensor. Also, this app can detect flashlights or changes in light, vibration, air pressure and changes in power like unplugged, power cut.

Download Haven App for Android:

This app is available on Google Play Store so you can easily download it like other android apps in your device.

Download Haven App from the third-party store:

Since Haven App is an open source app so to download it at first you need to install “F-Droid” the open source app store, and then add Haven Nightly “Bleeding Edge” Repository by scanning the QR code, which is available on the official website of Haven App.

After that, you can have .APK file in the download folder of your device through which you can install the Haven App in your device.

haven app

Download Haven App for iOS iPhone iPad:

Currently there is no Haven app available that directly runs on iOS or iPhone but still iPhone users can get the benefit of Haven App.

To do this, they need to get an Android device and then you can install Haven App in that. If you run signal on your iPhone, then you can configure Haven with that Android device to send the encrypted notifications with photos, audio directly. You can also remotely access to Haven Log from your iOS device, using Onion Browser app if you enable the “Tor Onion Service”.

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Haven App: Final Words

The Haven App is currently in beta version, so it may not work properly but it is the must-try app if you are worried about the security of your device. So download the app and enjoy your device without any worry of losing your sensitive information.

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