Best 5 Bitcoin Mining Software 2018 for Windows, Mac, Linux

The Bitcoin Mining Software is the procedure to verify the transactions and after the transaction has verified, it is then added to the public ledger which we call it as Block Chain. Block Chain is the means that releases bitcoins. All those who have internet and appropriate hardware can take part in mining. In this mining process, the transactions are compiled into blocks and then try to solve complicated and difficult puzzle computationally. Whosoever solves the puzzle first will place the next block on Blockchain to claim rewards.

bitcoin mining

Bitcoin Mining Software

To control and handle the actual bitcoin mining process, you need all the bitcoin mining hardware along with Bitcoin Mining software which is equally important. The Bitcoin Mining Software check I/P and O/P of Miner and shows you the statistics of the Miner Speed, hash rate, fan speed, and temperature.

  • For Solo Miner: If you are performing alone, then the mining software makes a connection of Bitcoin Miner to the Blockchain.
  • For Mining Pool: If you are Miner Pool, then the software connects your mining pool to the blockchain.
  • For Cloud Mining: If you are performing bitcoin mining via cloud mining then you do not require any mining software for that.

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Bitcoin Mining App

Here we have Best Bitcoin App which is available free for Android. These Bitcoin Apps will help you earn bitcoin easily without paying a single penny.


The BTCMiner is an open source ZTEX FPGA Board Bitcoin Miner (ZTEX USB-FPGA Modules 1.15 where FPGA Board consists USB Interface which is used for making communication and doing programming as well as allows you to construct FPGA Clusters via USB hubs. Talking about the BTCMiner Features, Ready to use bitstream with no license requirement and Xilinx Software and Dynamic frequency scaling.

Bitcoin Maker App:

With Free Bitcoin Maker App you can earn free bitcoin with displaying advertisements. You do not have to do anything on your Android phone to make free bitcoins. All you must wait for few minutes and after which close the advertisement. These advertisements involve complex and difficult puzzles that you must solve to earn bitcoins.

bitcoin mining


The CGMiner is an open source ASIC Bitcoin Miner, Multi-pool GPU and FPGA, written in the original code of CPU Miner. The CGMiner has Linux, Windows, and OS X platforms along with binaries for RPI, ATI GPU monitoring, OpenWrt routers, and others. Coming to its Features, CGMiner has fan speed control, CPU mining support, GPU support, interface capabilities, new blocks self-detection.


The BFGMiner is same as CGMiner with the only difference is that it does not focus on GPU and is designed for ASIC. Apart from this, it has some unique features also including Mining with free mesa, ADL device, integrated overclocking and fan control.


The EasyMiner is based on GUI and encapsulation of CGMiner and BFGMiner software that supports network and stratum Mining protocol. You can use EasyMiner for solo as well as pooled mining.

Check the details of the 5 best Bitcoin Mining Software and choose the right one for you.

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