Download Ludo King Game APK (MOD) Latest Version (V3.1)

In our childhood, we have played Ludo game many times so today we have brought the details of the new app for you to recall those days of childhood. This Ludo app has been named as “Ludo King”. The Ludo King Gaming App is compatible with Desktop, Android, iOS platform and has online multiplayer mode as well. The Game requires 2 to 6 players even you can also play the Ludo King Game against computer, against your friend, or against any other people living around the world. In this game, each player will get 4 tokens. These tokens make full turn to finish the line. So if you are interested in Downloading Ludo King Game APK then check its download process and follow each step.

ludo king apk

Ludo King Game APK: Details

App Name Ludo King App
Operating System Android, Windows, iOS
Minimum Requirement Android 4.1 and up
Download Size Approx 30 MB
Developer Gamotronix
Latest Version V3.1
Last Updated 9th January 2018

Ludo King APK: Features

Ludo King Game is a multiplayer mode game that can be played on cross platforms. Ludo king game can be played between 2 to 6 players. This online Ludo game gives you the option to play the game against computer or persons. The old Ludo game has been given a new modernizing look in this new app with the same fun.

The Ludo King App has also the game of snake and ladder which again is the old but very entertaining game. Ludo King APK incorporates the classic game as a whole new level.

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Download Ludo King App Latest Version (V3.1) for Android:

 To download Ludo App for Android is a very easy process. Here is the step by step guide to do that.

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for Ludo king app.
  • Then click on install.
  • Make payments.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Now you have Ludo king app in your device.

Now open the app and enjoy the game.

Download Ludo King Mod APK Free:

As we have stated that Ludo king is a paid app but we have brought Ludo King Mod APK for you for free. Here are the steps to download Ludo King hack version in your Android Device.

  • Firstly, you need to make few changes in your phone settings.
  • Open “Settings” tab in your device.
  • Click on “Unknown Sources”, then “Enable” it.
  •  Look for the Download Ludo King APK either in Google Play Store or in other third party app stores.
  • Find the Install or Download option and link
  • Install the file.
  • Now you have Ludo king Mod APK in your device.

ludo king APK

Cheats and tricks for Ludo King APK:

If you want to cheat in the game of Ludo King App then we have brought tricks for you. For that, you need to install Ludo King Sixer APK File with 1 MB size, which you can download from Here. Now you can edit your rules in the game.

For this Go to “settings”, then “rules”, then “Edit.” Mark on the option: alternate hit and choose your board colour. Now the rule has been applied for that particular colour in the game.

Now there are some other tips which will help you to win the game.

  • Try to take blue colour in your first game.
  • After your rivals turn, suddenly push dice to get 1.
  • When your rival gets 4 then waits and then hit the dice to get 6.
  • When you are near to beat some token, wait to get exact points.
  • Whenever you think “No” then it is definitely “Yes” in the game.

Last say about Ludo King APK:

So this is the app which has been developed to recall our childhood memories. Download this App in your device and enjoy the game. The price of Ludo King APK in-app purchases varies between Rs 10-4900 per item. You can get it free from third-party app store.

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