Download Zeta Wallet App (Tax-Benefits) to get Zeta Card avail its offers

Zeta is beautifully designed Master Card that you can use anywhere. The Zeta card is one of the best and trendy one-stop payment solution that you can use for Prepaid Mobile Recharge, Data Card, DTH, payment of mobile and landline bills.

Zeta App

With Zeta card, the user can transfer money to their contacts with just one click. With Mobile app, the user can request for Zeta Card same as any other physical card. With zeta card, you can pay for food, clothes, and other things to any merchant who accepts online card payment.

Zeta Super Card

The Zeta Super Card helps employees save money in tax benefits every year. Zeta Card is one digital dashboard for corporate purpose that offers employee benefits to increase CASA. The Zeta card offers tax benefit vouchers for meal coupons, fuel refill card, medical reimbursement, and others so that employees take more money by saving tax.

Zeta Super Card

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How Zeta Card Works?

  • Optima Sign up: To get Zeta card, the user has to sign-up into Optima first. After signing into Optima, the user can opt for any of the tax benefit vouchers including medical, fuel reimbursements to the meal vouchers
  • Grant Benefits: Those who have registered themselves will get this employee voucher by adding funds to the Optima Corporate Dashboard.
  • Get Benefits: Corporate employees can avail lots of benefits with this tax benefit vouchers in many ways including Zeta App, Zeta Super Card, Zeta NFC tag, or Zeta on Web.

Zeta Offers and Vouchers

  • Medical Card/Reimbursements: With Zeta Medical card, you can save up to 4,500INR money in taxes by claiming this voucher on medicines, doctor’s fees, and other medical processes. All you must upload medical bills digitally. You can outsource medical bill to the professionals. This is just 1 click paperless distribution by which you can load employee’s medical reimbursement with monthly, quarterly, and yearly credits.
  • Fuel and Travel Card: With the fuel card, the user can save up to 8,600INR in taxes by purchasing fuel from petrol pumps and then claim reimbursements. Using this travel card, one can store and submit fuel bills via its mobile app and get monthly or quarterly or yearly fuel allowance credit.
  • Communication Card: With Communication card, you can pay your mobile and internet bills and reimburse money from anywhere.
  • Gadget Card: With this card, the user can save up to 18,000INR in taxes by purchasing computers, laptops, and other electronic gadgets and items in taxes. All you must upload your communication bills via mobile app to get reimbursement.
  • Gift Card: With Gift Card, you can save 1,500INR in Taxes. You can customise you card as per your preference with gorgeous designs.
  • LTA Card: Using LTA card, you can save 30% money in taxes. You can claim your expenses invested in all mode of transportation. You can upload your leave travel documents with just one click.

Zeta wallet app

Zeta Card Benefits

  • One Dashboard, Multiple Solutions: Now you can spend your benefits in various ways using this card. Swipe Zeta card at stores and make bill payments.
  • Benefits Suite: Take advantages of tax benefit with Meal Vouchers, Medical and Communication Reimbursements, Claim LTA, and others.
  • Secure Payment System: In Zeta card, you will find multiple security layers and encryption code that keep your money and data safe and secure.
  • No cash payments in Cafeteria: With Zeta card, you can pay with Zeta Meal vouchers at the cafeteria.
  • Get rewards and gifts: With Zeta card, you can get beautiful digital gift vouchers instead of paper gift vouchers.

Zeta Wallet App: Download for Android

If you want Zeta Card, then install Zeta Wallet on you Android phone by following this simple procedure.

  • Download Zeta App from Google Play Store.
  • Go to the play store, look for the Zeta App and click on the link.
  • Open Zeta App, and enter your contact number for verification.
  • Verify your mobile number with OTP, enter the Zeta Promo Code on invite/promo code box.
  • After this process, enter your name and email-id.
  • Transfer 1INR from your bank account to your Zeta wallet.
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