FIXD Review (2018): Car Health Monitor & Diagnosis Tool

Do you really want to convert your vehicle into a smart one, then you must have FIXD. In the FIXD platform, you will get FIXD App and FIXD sensor. With FIXD App, the user can communicate with FIXD sensor and with the app, he or she can better understand about the condition of your car, whereas the user must connect the FIXD sensor into the car to send the data and information to FIXD App. The FIXD app translates your car problem into simple understandable terms. It also reminds you when the maintenance of your car is due. So this app lets you enjoy your driving and take the responsibility of your car own.

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FIXD Review

What is FIXD?

FIXD is an active car health monitor and the car diagnosis tool that help the drivers to understand and maintain their car and vehicles properly time to time. FIXD come up with FIXD App, the user must connect FIXD sensor with the FIXD App and placed the sensor directly into the car. The device is compatible with iOS and Android devices. All you must plug your FIXD sensor into your vehicle and connect it with the FIXD app to make driver understand the condition of your vehicle.

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FIXD: Features and Specification

  • Engine Light: The engine light of your car will light up whenever there is any problem detected. The lighten up of your engine light works as a notification.
  • Mileage Detection: With FIXD, you will get the details of total mileage. You will find an algorithm that determines you the mileage covered and will alert you about the maintenance requirement.
  • Charging of Battery: The user does not require a battery to charge the sensor. The sensor of FIXD itself uses the vehicle energy to stay charged.

Fixd Reviews

  • Wireless Synchronization: With FIXD, the user can connect with the smartphone via Bluetooth wirelessly and automatically whenever you are sitting in your vehicle.
  • Multi-Vehicle Control: Not only single vehicle, the control can also monitor the health and status of your other vehicles as well using FIXD sensor.
  • Continuous Monitor: FIXD always monitors your vehicle and will alert you whenever there is any problem detected in your vehicle.
  • Vehicle History: With FIXD, you can check the previous log that is the user can check the history of his or her problem occurs in between.
  • Maintenance Timeline: The user will get the notification whenever the vehicle needs any maintenance as well as will alert you when you are due for service.

Final Words

With FIXD, the user does not have to worry about the condition of your car as FIXD app will protect your vehicle from all sort of problems. All you must install the FIXD sensor and app in each of your family member’s vehicle and mobile phones. With the use of sensor, the user can remotely get connected with the device as well as he or she can monitor the health and condition of the vehicle. The user can purchase FIXD from its official website so that he or she will get extra perks also. If the user buys the product from its website, then the user does not have to pay any shipping charges. He or she will get 30-day money back guarantee also along with 1-year limited warranty.

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